This section covers the many different aspects you need to think about early on at the planning stages of your journey. Research the regions, check the guide books and look at the maps. Mistakes made at this time are very hard to put right later on.

Journey Planning Principles

  1. The main thing is not to try and cover too much ground.
  2. Add extra time for the “Africa” factor, you will need it
  3. Allow time at the start to get over the flight, briefings, shopping etc
  4. First days driving should be short to allow extra time to set up camp
  5. Most journeys work best as a mix of camping and lodges
  6. Use lodges/hotels in towns for security and ease
  7. Two or three nights camping followed by lodge nights works well
  8. Try to use owner run and operated lodges.
  9. Generally, camp more at the start of the journey
  10. Self-drive trips are very tiring so slow down as the journey progresses
  11. Build in a few days mini holiday at the end to wind down and relax
  12. The trip will never be long enough so try to go for as long as possible