flights are a big-ticket item that represents a significant part of your overall budget. obviously it’s important to get the best price but also the best routes and add on regional flights.

Include Connecting flights

Individual regional flights if booked singly can be much more expensive so always try to include them with your international flights.

Book early

Flight reservations open 12 months before the travel date and the best deals are often at that moment. The other reason that it’s worth booking early is that the dynamic pricing of many airlines changes the prices and as soon as availability becomes limited the prices soar.

Use Expert Advice

Getting the best prices and the best routing needs a professional and unless you have access to the IATA systems and the knowledge to use them you will always be better off to works with an expert.

Best Prices

The flight element of any African holiday is a significant proportion of your overall budget. Getting the best deal especially with the add on sections to regional airports has many solutions and whilst the Airlines are pushing direct bookings on to their web sites the flight professional will often get a better fare. They know the systems, the arcane rules and fare structures that are used by airlines as well as the increasingly complicated government flight taxes and they work directly on your behalf.

We are recommending that you go directly to Rick at Airdeal who will work tirelessly on the best options for you and importantly he will work with you on the advanced booking schedules to take advantage of better fares when they become available.

Airdeal direct line is +44 1372 469717 or EM