Covid 19 Africa travel updates

Zambia update C19

Paul Barnes reports from Zambia

  Tourists are now entering Zambia again. It is a requirement that they have a COVID negative test certificate no older than four days prior to the arrival date. 
      There is a quarantine period of two weeks for Residents and Citizens returning to Zambia but not for tourists. This clause is somewhat confusing but a paramount point for those who wish to come.
      Many lodges and camps are open but a large number have not opened for this season. It is key, this year more than any before that you do have confirmed bookings at the establishments you want to stay at. It is not advisable to drive to remote camps without prior bookings. 
      I don’t have any updates as yet on roads etc. As far as I know, all pontoons are running as normal. I am heading through the Kafue at the end of next week and shall ket you know if I find anything interesting. I’ll keep my ear to the ground as usual for more info. 
Paul Barnes, Zambia Safari Company