Trip Safety

Why travel rescue is better than travel insurance!

When you have a serious problem overseas; the medical emergency, the car accident, the crashing fall off a mountain bike, the mistimed landing on your paraglider, the rockfall, or the middle of the night chest pain, you need immediate help. Your insurance company or the Embassy duty officer will be too slow to react.

This was why Global Rescue was formed in 2004 to help people around the world who urgently require assistance. It’s vital to avoid delay after an accident in order to achieve the best possible medical outcome.

Having been personally involved in dealing with insurance companies 24-hour emergency helplines and Consular services for many years, the frustrations of trying to get help for people in desperate need have led me to the conclusion that rescue cover is the best option for most adventure travellers. That’s why we have partnered up with Global Rescue for the safety of our clients. For further information about Global Rescue check out the Travel Rescue page on our web site.

To book Global Rescue for your next holiday adventure: