Trip Planning

Why you need to be thinking about Safari Drive for your next safari

The travel industry is currently going through meltdown and coming through this is going to take time and patience. We will all be rethinking about how we travel and the destinations as soon as those flight to Africa resume.

Away from other tourists

For the safari sector there is one option that provides a clear advantage in staying safer whilst on holiday and that is a Safari Drive journey. Your holiday group stays secure from possible sources of infection and with private camping at night you are well away from other people.

Pioneered 27 years ago as a a more rewarding way to experience the game parks, deserts and deltas of Africa, Safari Drive is the complete solution for those that want to be fully immersed in their holiday.

The key though is in the inspiration behind every Safari Drive journey. Each one is crafted with you in mind rather than some standard offering from the rental vehicle and lodge booking merchants. Safari Drive starts with the clients interests, ability and budget in mind and then creates a truly unique journey encompassing the most interesting elements along the way.

Satellite phone included

Having a superb fleet of the latest Toyota Land Cruisers which are equipped for the job is the starting point but more importantly is the network of support for your journey along the way. When things go wrong in Africa you need a plan and Safari Drive has the best network to get your holiday back on track, whether its caused by airline delays or road closures due to bad weather or any of the many other spanners that can get thrown in the spokes of your holiday. They even provide a free satellite phone for your peace of mind.

The bases that Safari Drive operates from across Southern Africa enable you to make interesting one-way journeys without having to back track.

The other element that makes this a special way to travel is the team that you talk through your plans with in the UK are all part of the same organisation that you will be briefed by on the ground in Africa. Even better your holiday is fully covered by the CAA ATOL scheme which ensures that your money is secure.

Call Ben Nelson at Safari Drive on 01488 71140 or visit to talk about a journey with them.